Meaning of NUT in English

I. nut 1 S3 /nʌt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: hnutu ]

1 . FOOD a dry brown fruit inside a hard shell, that grows on a tree:

a pine nut

roasted nuts

We were sitting round the fire cracking nuts (=opening them) .

2 .

TOOL a small piece of metal with a hole through the middle which is screwed onto a ↑ bolt to fasten things together:

Use a wrench to loosen the nut.

3 . CRAZY PERSON informal someone who is crazy or behaves strangely:

My dad is such a nut.

What are you, some kind of nut?

4 . golf/opera etc nut informal someone who is very interested in golf etc ⇨ fanatic :

You don’t have to be a sports nut to enjoy skiing.

5 . SEX ORGAN nuts [plural] informal a man’s ↑ testicle s

6 . the nuts and bolts of something informal the practical details of a subject or job:

the nuts and bolts of government

7 . tough/hard nut informal someone who is difficult to deal with:

He may have softened a bit in his old age but he’s still a tough nut.

8 . a hard/tough nut to crack a difficult problem or situation:

Celtic have lost only once this season and will be a tough nut to crack.

9 . be off your nut British English spoken informal to be crazy:

You must be off your nut!

10 . do your nut British English spoken to become very angry or worried:

I didn’t get home till three – my mum did her nut!

11 . HEAD British English spoken old-fashioned your head or brain

sb’s nut

Oh come on, use your nut!

II. nut 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle nutted , present participle nutting ) [transitive] British English spoken

to hit someone with your head SYN headbutt :

He just turned round and nutted me!

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