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Input/output conduit for

The serial port was created as an interface between data terminal equipment and data-communications equipment. It processes data sequentially, as a series of bits , and is used to connect equipment (e.g., a modem or mouse ) to the computer. The parallel port processes several data bits in parallel and is used to connect peripherals such as computer printers and optical scanners to the computer. The parallel port is faster, but the serial port is cheaper and requires less power. See also USB .


Sweet, fortified wine of rich taste and aroma made in Portugal.

The name derives from Porto , the town where it is traditionally aged and bottled. Most port is red, but lesser amounts of tawny and white are produced. Peculiar to the manufacture of port is a large dose of brandy given to the still-fermenting liquid (called must). Much time, often decades, is needed for the maturing of fine ports.


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Port Arthur

Port de France

Port Blair

Port Jackson

Port Louis

Port Moresby

Port of Spain

Port Said

Port au Prince

Port Vila

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