Meaning of PORT in English


port BrE AmE pɔːt AmE pɔːrt poʊrt

▷ ported ˈpɔːt ɪd -əd AmE ˈpɔːrt̬ əd ˈpoʊrt̬-

▷ porting ˈpɔːt ɪŋ AmE ˈpɔːrt̬ ɪŋ ˈpoʊrt̬-

▷ ports pɔːts AmE pɔːrts poʊrts —see also phrases with this word

▶ ˌ Port E ˈ lizabeth BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Harcourt BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Hedland BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Jackson BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Lincoln BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Moresby BrE AmE

▶ ˌ port of ˈ call BrE AmE

▶ ˌ port of ˈ entry BrE AmE

▶ ˌ Port of ˈ Spain BrE AmE

▶ ₍ˌ₎ Port ˈ Stanley BrE AmE

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