Meaning of RIVER in English


Natural stream of water that flows in a channel with more or less defined banks.

Rivers are a fundamental link in the hydrologic cycle , and they play a major role in shaping the surface features of the Earth. Even apparently arid desert regions are greatly influenced by river action when periodic floodwaters surge down usually dry watercourses. River flow is sustained by the difference between water input and output. Rivers are fed by overland runoff, groundwater seepage, and meltwater released along the edges of snowfields and glaciers. Direct precipitation contributes only very small amounts of water. Losses of river water result from percolation into porous and permeable rock, gravel, or sand; evaporation; and ultimately outflow into the ocean.


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Aare River

Achelous River

Adda River

Adige River

Adour River

Aguán River

Agusan River

Alabama River

Aliákmon River

Allegheny River

Alpheus River

Amazon River

Oxus River

Amur River

Angara River

Aniene River

Ankobra River

Apure River

Apurímac River

Araguaia River

Aras River

Araks River

Argun River

Arkansas River

Arno River

Artibonite River

Assiniboine River

Atbara River

Atchafalaya River

Athabasca River

Avon River

Bai River

Pai River

Bandama River

Bann River

Barada River

Beas River

Beni River

Benue River

Bénoué River

Berbice River

Berezina River

Bermejo River

Betwa River

Bhima River

Bighorn River

Bío Bío River

Black Warrior River

Blackstone River

Bomu River

Bosna River

Bow River

Brahmaputra River

Brazos River

Bug River

Western Bug River

Buller River

Cagayan River

Canadian River

Cape Fear River

Casamance River

Catatumbo River

Catawba River

Cauca River

Cedar River

Chagres River

Chambal River

Chao Phraya River

Me Nam River

Charente River

Chari River

Shari River

Charles River

Chattahoochee River

Chelif River

Chenab River

Cher River

Cheyenne River

Chicago River

Chindwin River

Chubut River

Churchill River

Cimarron River

Clitunno River

Clutha River

Clyde River

Coco River

Segovia River

Colorado River

Columbia River

Congo River

Zaire River

Connecticut River

Barcoo River

Coosa River

Coppermine River

Courantyne River

Cross River

Cuiabá River

Cuyabá River

Cumberland River

Cunene River

Kunene River

Cuyahoga River

Cuyuni River

Dal River

Daly River

Damodar River

Danube River

Darling River

De Grey River

Delaware River

Demerara River

Derwent River

Des Moines River

Des Plaines River

Detroit River

Dnieper River

Dniester River

Don River

Donets River

Dong nai River

Donnai River

Dordogne River

Doubs River

Douro River

Drâa River

Drava River

Drina River

Dunajec River

Durance River

East River

Ebro River

Eden River

Eider River

Elbe River

Ems River

Essequibo River

Euphrates River

Eure River

Farmington River

Fen River

Finke River

Fitzroy River

Flathead River

Flinders River

Fly River

Forcados River

Forth River

Fraser River

French Broad River

Fulda River

Gambia River

Gan River

Kan River

Ganges River

Garonne River

Gascoyne River

Genesee River

Ghaghara River

Ghazal River

Gila River

Glomma River

Glåma River

Godavari River

Gordon River

Goulburn River

Great Fish River

Green River

Grijalva River

Guadalquivir River

Guadiana River

Guaporé River

Guaviare River

Guayas River

Hai River

Han River

Havel River

Hawkesbury River

Helmand River

Helmund River

Hiwassee River

Hongshui River

Hung shui River

Huai River

Huallaga River

Yellow River

Hudson River

Hudson River school

Hugli River

Hooghly River

Humber River

Humboldt River

Hunter River

Huon River

Iguazú River

Iguaçu River

IJssel River

Illinois River

Indre River

Indus River

Inn River

Irrawaddy River

Irtysh River

Isère River

Ishikari River

Ishim River

Jabal River

Jacuí River

Jaguaribe River

James River

Dakota River

Japurá River

Jari River

Jary River

Jhelum River

Jinsha River

Chin sha River

Kinsha River

Jordan River

Jubba River

Kabul River

Kaduna River

Kafue River

Kagera River

Kama River

Kanawha River

Kansas River

Kaw River

Karun River

Kasai River

Kaskaskia River

Kaveri River

Cauvery River

Kazan River

Kennebec River

Kentucky River

Khabur River

Kizil River

Halys River

Klamath River

Kolyma River

Kong River

Konkouré River

Kootenay River

Kosi River

Koyukuk River

Krishna River

Kistna River

Kuban River

Kura River

Kwando River

La Plata River

Lachlan River

Lågen River

Lahn River

Lena River

Lerma River

Lesse River

Liao River

Liard River

Licking River

Liffey River

Limpopo River

Lippe River

Liri River

Litani River

Little Missouri River

Logone River

Loire River

Lot River

Loup River

Lualaba River

Luan River

Luni River

Mackenzie River

Madeira River

Madre de Dios River

Magdalena River

Main River

Mamoré River

Manawatu River

Manicouagan River

Marañón River

Maritsa River

Markham River

Marne River

Maroni River

Meghna River

Mekong River

Menderes River

Merrimack River

Mersey River

Meuse River

Min River

Mindanao River

Cotabato River

Minnesota River

Mississippi River

Missouri River

Mitchell River

Mohawk River

Monongahela River

Moose River

Morava River

Morghab River

Murgab River

Moselle River

Mosel River

Moskva River

Moscow River

Motagua River

Murchison River

Mures River

Murray River

Murrumbidgee River

Nantahala River

Napo River

Narmada River

Nerbudda River

Nechako River

Neckar River

Negro River

Guainía River

Nelson River

Neman River

Nen River

Nonni River

Neosho River

Grand River

Néstos River

Mesta River

Neva River

New River

Niagara River

Niger River

Nile River

Niobrara River

North Canadian River

North Platte River

Northern Dvina River

Nossob River

Nosop River

Nun River

Ob River

Ocoee River

Oder River

Odra River

Ogooué River

Ogowe River

Ohio River

Oise River

Oka River

Okavango River

Cubango River

Olt River

Orange River

Ord River

Orhon River

Orkhon River

Orinoco River

Orne River

Orontes River

Osage River

Ottawa River

Ouachita River

Washita River

Ouse River

Pahang River

Pánuco River

Pará River

Paraguay River

Paraíba do Sul River

Paraná River

Parnaíba River

Peace River

Pearl River

Pechora River

Pecos River

Pee Dee River

Peel River

Penobscot River

Periyar River

Piave River

Pieman River

Pilcomayo River

Piniós River

Peneus River

Platte River

Po River

Potomac River

Powder River

Pripet River

Pryp'yat River

Prypyats' River

Purari River

Purus River

Putumayo River

Qishon River

Kishon River

Qu'Appelle River

Rajang River

Rejang River

Rakaia River

Ramu River

Ravi River

Red River

Red River Indian War

Red River of the North

Republican River

Rhine River

Rhône River

Ribble River

Richelieu River

river blindness

Roanoke River

Rock River

Roper River

Ruhr River

Rupnarayan River

Saale River

Saar River

Sabine River

Sacramento River

Saguenay River

Saint Francis River

Saint John River

Saint Johns River

Saint Lawrence River

Saint Paul River

Saint Maurice River

Salado River

Salmon River

Salt River

Saluda River

Salween River

San Joaquin River

San Juan River

Sanaga River

Santa River

Santee River

São Francisco River

Saône River

Saskatchewan River

Sassandra River

Sava River

Savannah River

Save River

Sabi River

Schelde River

Scheldt River

Sebou River

Seine River

Selenga River

Semliki River

Sénégal River

Sepik River

Severn River

Sewa River

Seybouse River

Shabeelle River

Shebele River

Shannon River

Shinano River

Shire River

Shoshone River

Sittang River

Skeena River

Slave River

Snake River

Sobat River

Solo River

Somme River

Souris River

South Platte River

Spey River

Spree River

Stikine River

Stour River

Struma River

Suir River

Sungari River

Suriname River

Surma River

Susquehanna River

Sutlej River

Suwannee River

Swan River

Jaxartes River

Tagus River

Taieri River

Tallahatchie River

Tallapoosa River

Tana River

Tanana River

Tapajós River

Tapi River

Tarim River

Tarn River

Tay River

Tees River

Tennessee River

Thames River

Thjórsá River

Tiber River

Ticino River

Tietê River

Tigris River

Timis River

Tisza River

Tisa River

Tocantins River

Tombigbee River

Tone River

Torne River

Trebbia River

Trent River

Tugela River

Tumen River

Tweed River

Tyne River

Ubangi River

Ucayali River

Ural River

Urubamba River

Uruguay River

Ussuri River

Usumacinta River

Vaal River

Váh River

Verdigris River

Victoria River

Vilyuy River

Viliui River

Vistula River

Vltava River

Volga River

Volta River

Volturno River

Vychegda River

Wabash River

Waikato River

Waimakariri River

Wairau River

Warta River

Wateree River

Wei River

Weser River

Western Dvina River

White River

White Volta River

Willamette River

Wind River Range

Winnipeg River

Wisconsin River

Wye River

Xi River

West River

Xiang River

Siang River

Hsiang River

Xingu River

Yakima River

Yalong River

Ya lung River

Yalu River

Yamuna River

Yangtze River

Yarmuk River

Yarqon River

Yazoo River

Yellowstone River

Yenisey River

Yonne River

Youghiogheny River

Yser River

Yuan River

Yukon River

Zab River

Zambezi River

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