Meaning of RIVER in English

[noun] [C] - a natural wide stream of fresh water flowing across the land into the sea, a lake, or another riverThey took a walk by the river.River is used usually before, sometimes after, the name of a river.the River Thamesthe River Nilethe Yellow RiverWe sailed up the river/up river to its source (= where it starts).I rowed down the river/down river to its mouth (= where it flows into the sea).Rivers of means a large amount of (a liquid).If there's a revolution, rivers of blood will flow.Rivers of sweat ran down his back.A river bank is the land at either edge of a river.The river flows between its steep banks.We sat on the (river) bank and had a picnic.A river-bed is the ground over which a river usually flows.a stony river-beda dry river-bedA river boat is a large passenger boat which travels up and down a river.

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