Meaning of RIVER in English

n. 25B6; noun

WATERCOURSE, waterway, tributary, stream, rivulet, brook, inlet, rill, runnel, freshet; Scottish & N. English burn; N. English beck; S. English bourn; N. Amer. & Austral./NZ creek; Austral. billabong. See list.

a river of molten lava : STREAM, torrent, flood, deluge, cascade.

riparian, fluvial, fluvio-.

25A0; sell someone down the river (informal) . See double-cross .

Longest Rivers

river location

Nile Africa

Amazon South America

Yangtze or Chang Jiang China

Mississippi North America

Yenisei Russia

Amur or Heilong Asia

Ob Russia

Yellow or Huang Ho China

Congo or Zaire Africa

Lena Siberia

Mekong Asia

Mackenzie Canada

Niger Africa

Volga Europe

Paraná South America

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