Meaning of RELES, ABE in English

born c. 1907, , East New York, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 12, 1941, Coney Island, Brooklyn byname Kid Twist American killer and gangster who became a celebrated police informer in 194041. The son of AustrianJewish immigrants, Reles stole his nickname of Kid Twist from a gangster idol and pursued a life of crime. By the age of 34 in 1940, he had been arrested 42 times (six times for murder) and had served six prison terms. In jail again and fearing prosecution for murder, he began talking to Brooklyn district attorney William O'Dwyer on March 23, 1940. He told about a national organization (popularly dubbed Murder, Inc.) to which he belonged and which dealt in murder for hire; its leaders included Louis Lepke Buchalter and Albert Anastasia. He supplied dozens of dates, persons, and placesproviding the authorities with information on some 70 unsolved murders that had been performed by contract. Prosecutions began, and several gunmen went to the electric chair. In 1940 Buchalter was convicted, but before Anastasia could be brought to trial, Reles' usefulness ended. He had been lodged in Coney Island's Half Moon Hotel, guarded by 18 policemen in three shifts round the clock. Nevertheless, on the morning of Nov. 12, 1941, he fell from a window to his death. The official verdict was that, while alone, he had tried to escape and accidentally fell. But an informer of a later day, Joseph Valachi, would suggest, I never met anybody who thought Abe went out that window because he wanted to.

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