Meaning of MINAMOTO YORIYOSHI in English

born 988, Japan died Aug. 27, 1075, Japan warrior who established the Minamoto clan in the strategic Honshu region of northern Japan. After aiding the central government in quelling several uprisings by Ainu tribesmen, Yoriyoshi was sent to crush a rebellion led by Abe Yoritoki of the powerful Abe warrior clan of northern Japan (1051). The fighting was characterized by repeated pauses, defeats on both sides, and many barbarous incidents, but Yoriyoshi was finally victorious in 1062. These battles are known as the Earlier Nine Years' War, nine years being the actual time of the fighting, not counting the pauses between battles. In the course of the war, Yoriyoshi gained many loyal retainers who eventually served the Minamoto clan well in its struggle for dominance in Japan.

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