Meaning of MINAMOTO TAMEYOSHI in English

born 1096, Japan died Aug. 17, 1156, Japan warrior whose defeat by his own son resulted in the temporary eclipse in Japanese affairs of the Minamoto clan and the ascendancy of the Taira clan. The scion of a noted warrior family, Tameyoshi distinguished himself at the age of 19 by suppressing a riot against the court by soldier-priests of a monastery near the capital. Following this event, Tameyoshi eliminated his rivals and became head of the Seiwa Genji, the powerful branch of the Minamoto clan in control of the strategic Kanto region in northern Japan. Failing to receive from the court the recognition that he felt befitted his position, Tameyoshi in 1156 supported the former emperor Sutoku, a son of the former emperor Toba, in an attempted coup d'etat against Sutoku's brother, the emperor Go-Shirakawa. Tameyoshi's son and heir, Yoshitomo, however, joined the Tairas in support of Go-Shirakawa. In this conflict, known as the Hogen Disturbance, Tameyoshi was defeated, and Yoshitomo was ordered to kill his father. He refused, but another Minamoto, saying that it would be a disgrace to allow Tameyoshi to be killed by a Taira, executed the defeated warrior.

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