Meaning of MINAMOTO SHITAGO in English

born 911, Japan died 983, Japan Japanese poet of the middle Heian period (7941185). Although he was a descendant of the emperor Saga and was a member of the powerful Minamoto clan, Shitago was barred from high political position because he did not belong to the Fujiwara family, which controlled the government. Instead he devoted himself to scholarly and literary pursuits and became recognized as one of the outstanding poets of ancient Japan. He helped compile the Gosen-shu and, as one of the Nashitsubo no Go'nin (Five Men of the Pear Garden), also engaged in the interpretation of the Man'yo-shu. Minamoto no Shitago shu, a collection of his works, revealed his discontent and frustration over his lack of success in official life. He frequently participated in poetry contests. During the Shohei era (931938) he compiled the Wamyo ruijusho, a dictionary of Japanese and Chinese words by categories, which was the first dictionary in Japan. He is also thought to be the author of many other works, including Utsubo monogatari (The Tale of the Hollow Tree), written between 956 and 983.

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