Meaning of MINAMOTO YOSHITSUNE in English

born 1159, Japan

died June 15, 1189, Fort Koromogawa, Mutsu province, Japan

Charismatic half brother of Minamoto Yoritomo who helped bring him victory against the Taira family (see Taira Kiyomori ).

He was raised in a monastery but ran away at 15 to join Yoritomo. On Yoritomo's orders, Yoshitsune seized Ky 014D; to and then attacked and defeated the remaining Taira forces along Japan's Inland Sea. Yoritomo became jealous of Yoshitsune and, though Yoshitsune eluded him for several years, eventually was able to have him killed. The Japanese have long considered Yoshitsune to be the epitome of the underdog hero; many legends, stories, kabuki plays, and even films celebrate his adventures with his faithful follower, the monk Benkei. See also Gempei War .

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