Meaning of PURE LAND BUDDHISM in English


The form of Buddhism focuses on the Buddha Amitabha and the "Pure Land" he created. Appearing in China in the fourth century c.e. and later in Japan, Korea and other nations, this form of Buddhism has the largest following of all the different types of Buddhism. Pure Land is aimed at the average person in its recognition that most people cannot achieve enlightenment and so are doomed forever to stay in samsara . So Amitabha set up a "Pure Land" in the "west"--a paradise--to which people can go when they die. To gain entrance, people simply have to call on the power of Amitabha. This is done by uttering a phrase such as "Namu Amidha Butsu," (the Nembutsu ) which is Japanese for "Praise to Amitabha Buddha."

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