Meaning of LAND in English


n. & v.


1. the solid part of the earth's surface (opp. SEA, WATER, AIR).

2 a an expanse of country; ground; soil. b such land in relation to its use, quality, etc., or (often prec. by the) as a basis for agriculture (building land; this is good land; works on the land).

3 a country, nation, or State (land of hope and glory).

4 a landed property. b (in pl.) estates.

5 the space between the rifling-grooves in a gun.

6 Sc. a building containing several dwellings.

7 S.Afr. ground fenced off for tillage.

8 a strip of plough or pasture land parted from others by drain-furrows.


1. a tr. & intr. set or go ashore. b intr. (often foll. by at) disembark (landed at the harbour).

2 tr. bring (an aircraft, its passengers, etc.) to the ground or the surface of water.

3 intr. (of an aircraft, bird, parachutist, etc.) alight on the ground or water.

4 tr. bring (a fish) to land.

5 tr. & intr. (also refl.; often foll. by up) colloq. bring to, reach, or find oneself in a certain situation, place, or state (landed himself in jail; landed up in France; landed her in trouble; landed up penniless).

6 tr. colloq. a deal (a person etc.) a blow etc. (landed him one in the eye). b (foll. by with) present (a person) with (a problem, job, etc.).

7 tr. set down (a person, cargo, etc.) from a vehicle, ship, etc.

8 tr. colloq. win or obtain (a prize, job, etc.) esp. against strong competition.

Phrases and idioms:

how the land lies what is the state of affairs. in the land of the living joc. still alive. land-agency

1. the stewardship of an estate.

2 an agency for the sale etc. of estates.


1. the steward of an estate.

2 an agent for the sale of estates. land-bank a bank issuing banknotes on the securities of landed property. land breeze a breeze blowing towards the sea from the land, esp. at night. land-bridge a neck of land joining two large land masses. land-crab a crab, Cardisoma guanhumi, that lives in burrows inland and migrates in large numbers to the sea to breed. land force (or forces) armies, not naval or air forces. land-form a natural feature of the earth's surface. land-girl Brit. a woman doing farm work, esp. in wartime. land-grabber an illegal seizer of land, esp. a person who took the land of an evicted Irish tenant. land-law (usu. in pl.) the law of landed property. land-line a means of telecommunication over land. land-locked almost or entirely enclosed by land. land mass a large area of land.


1. an explosive mine laid in or on the ground.

2 a parachute mine. land of cakes Scotland. land office US an office recording dealings in public land. land-office business US enormous trade. land of Nod sleep (with pun on the phr. in Gen. 4:16). land on one's feet attain a good position, job, etc., by luck. Land's End the westernmost point of Cornwall and of England. land-tax hist. a tax assessed on landed property. land-tie a rod, beam, or piece of masonry securing or supporting a wall etc. by connecting it with the ground. land-wind a wind blowing seaward from the land. land yacht a vehicle with wheels and sails for recreational use on a beach etc.


lander n. landless adj. landward adj. & adv. landwards adv.

Etymology: OE f. Gmc

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