Meaning of PURE in English

(COMPLETE) [adjective] [before noun] -r, -st - complete; onlyIt was pure coincidence/chance that I met Gail at the theatre.The minister dismissed the newspaper reports as pure speculation/invention.The police think that the killer may have fled the country, but that's pure guesswork/conjecture.Her dancing is a pure delight.After a tiring day's work, relaxing in a hot bath was pure bliss.She looked at him with pure hate/malice in her eyes.This last month has been pure hell for us.I thought that what he said was pure and utter rubbish.That film was pure Disney (= was like the films that only Disney has made).A pure area of study is one that is studied only for the purpose of developing theories about it, not for the the purpose of using those theories in a practical way.pure mathematicspure economicspure geometryShe has always been more interested in pure research than in applied science.He is motivated by greed, pure and simple (= and nothing else).

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