Meaning of PURE in English


1. not mixed with anything else

2. to make a substance pure

3. not pure


containing no dirt or bacteria : ↑ CLEAN (2)

food, products etc that are produced without using chemicals : ↑ NATURAL (2)


1. not mixed with anything else

▷ pure /pjʊəʳ/ [adjective]

not mixed with anything else :

▪ The bottle contained 4 litres of pure alcohol.

▪ When it first comes out of the ground, the oil is not very pure.

pure silk/wool/cotton

▪ Clothes made of pure cotton are much cooler than those made of mixed fibers.

20%/50% etc pure

▪ Crude cocaine is only about 25 percent pure.

purity [uncountable noun]

▪ The gold is then tested to determine its purity to determine how pure it is .

▷ solid /ˈsɒlɪd, ˈsɒlədǁˈsɑː-/ [adjective only before noun]

solid gold/silver/pine etc

made of gold, silver, wood etc that has not been mixed with any other metal or wood :

▪ a solid gold necklace

▪ The antiques dealer guessed that the furniture was Victorian and solid mahogany.

▷ 100% /ˌhʌndrɪd pəʳˈsent, ˌhʌndrəd pəʳˈsent/ [adverb]

if something is 100% beef, 100% cotton etc, it is made only from beef or cotton, and has no other food or material added to it :

▪ The label said ‘100% wool’.

▪ The hamburgers at this restaurant are 100% beef.

▪ a 100% graphite tennis racket

▷ neat/straight /niːt, streɪt/ [adjective]

if you have a strong alcoholic drink neat or straight, you do not mix it with another drink or with water :

▪ He always drinks his whisky neat.

▪ I’ll have a straight vodka please.

▷ unadulterated /ˌʌnəˈdʌltəreɪtɪd, ˌʌnəˈdʌltəreɪtəd/ [adjective]

not mixed with other less pure substances :

▪ Nowadays more and more people are choosing to buy unadulterated organic food, which has been grown without pesticides and chemicals.

2. to make a substance pure

▷ purify /ˈpjʊ ə rɪfaɪ, ˈpjʊ ə rəfaɪ/ [transitive verb]

▪ You can purify water by boiling and filtering it.

▪ It has been found that houseplants help purify the air.

▪ The solution is purified by passing it through a carbon filter.

▪ a bottle of purified linseed oil

▷ refine /rɪˈfaɪn/ [transitive verb]

to make a substance such as oil or metal pure using an industrial process :

▪ The oil is piped to the coast, where it is refined.

▪ The dealers buy raw cocaine in the south, refine it here, and smuggle it into the north.

▪ After the first refining process the metal is washed.

▪ refined petroleum

▷ distil British /distill American /dɪˈstɪl/ [transitive verb]

to make a liquid, for example alcohol or water, purer by heating it so that it becomes a gas and then allowing it to go cold again :

▪ My grandfather used to distil whisky on the farm.

▪ The solution is distilled until it is 95% pure.

▪ Only distilled water should be used for cleaning contact lenses.

distillation /ˌdɪstɪˈleɪʃ ə n/ [uncountable noun]

▪ Steam distillation is used to purify liquids.

3. not pure

▷ impure /ɪmˈpjʊəʳ/ [adjective]

a substance that is impure is not pure and contains other substances :

▪ New laws restrict the sale of impure chemicals.

▪ The last sample was impure and quite useless for manufacturing purposes.

▷ impurity /ɪmˈpjʊ ə rɪti, ɪmˈpjʊ ə rəti/ [countable noun usually plural]

something in a substance which should not be in it and which makes it not pure :

▪ Lime is added to the liquid metal to remove all the impurities .

▪ There were impurities in the aluminum.

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