Meaning of PURE in English

pure S3 W3 /pjʊə $ pjʊr/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ purification , ↑ purist , ↑ purity ≠ ↑ impurity , ↑ purifier ; verb : ↑ purify ; adverb : ↑ purely ; adjective : ↑ pure ≠ ↑ impure ]

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: pur , from Latin purus ]

1 . NOT MIXED [usually before noun] a pure substance or material is not mixed with anything OPP impure

pure silk/cotton/wool etc

pure wool blankets

rings made of pure gold

Our beef patties are 100% pure.

2 . COMPLETE [only before noun] complete and total SYN sheer :

a work of pure genius

a smile of pure joy

My mother’s life was pure hell.

pure chance/luck/coincidence etc

By pure chance, I met Sir Malcolm that morning.

The chairman dismissed the report as pure speculation.

3 . CLEAN clean and not containing anything harmful OPP impure :

We had trouble finding a pure water supply.

Up here the air was purer.

4 . pure and simple used to emphasize that there is only one thing involved or worth considering:

He wanted revenge, pure and simple.

5 . MORALLY GOOD literary without any sexual experience or evil thoughts OPP impure :

a pure young girl

They’re too pure and innocent to know what’s really going on.

6 . COLOUR OR SOUND very clear and beautiful:

a cloudless sky of the purest blue

Her voice, clear and pure, soared up to the roof.

7 . TYPICAL [only before noun] typical of a particular style:

His music is pure New York.

8 . BREED/RACE bred from only one group or race:

My husband is pure Japanese and traces his family back 800 years.

The Highland is the oldest and purest breed of cattle in Britain.

9 . ART OR STUDY [usually before noun] done according to an accepted standard or pattern:

Gothic architecture in its purest form

10 . pure science/maths etc work in science etc that increases our knowledge of the subject rather than using it for practical purposes

11 . be as pure as the driven snow to be morally perfect – used humorously to say someone is not like this at all

⇨ ↑ purely

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COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 2)

■ nouns

▪ pure chance/luck

He had discovered the truth by pure chance.

▪ pure coincidence

It was pure coincidence that I arrived on the same plane.

▪ pure joy/pleasure/delight

Lucinda flashed him a smile of pure joy.

▪ pure hatred

She remembered the look of pure hatred in his eyes.

▪ pure speculation (=a guess that is not based on any facts)

Most of what you hear is pure speculation.

▪ pure fantasy/fiction (=something that is not true at all)

He dismissed the allegations as ‘pure fantasy’.

▪ pure genius

That excuse you came up with was a flash of pure genius.

▪ pure hell

He has described this period as ‘pure hell’.

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