Meaning of PURE in English

adj. 1 unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed, simon-pure; 24-carat or US also 24-karat, sterling, solid; real, genuine, authentic, flawless, faultless, perfect, natural, true, simple We have made every effort to keep the blood-line of these horses completely pure Pure gold is not used for coins or jewellery because it is too soft. She wore a dress of the purest white. 2 uncontaminated, clear, clean, wholesome, sanitary, uninfected, disinfected, pasteurized, sterilized, sterile, antiseptic, unpolluted, spotless, immaculate, unsullied, unbesmirched, unblemished, unmarred, unstained, untainted It was refreshing to breathe pure air again Stringent tests ensure that the substances are pure before they go on the market. 3 chaste, virginal, virgin, intact, maidenly, vestal, undefiled, innocent, guileless, virtuous, modest, moral, correct, proper, decent, decorous, uncorrupted, blameless, sinless, impeccable As far as we can tell, she led a totally pure life 4 theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, abstract, conceptual, notional, philosophical, academic(al) His field is pure science, and he cares little how the results of his work might be applied to everyday life 5 unalloyed, simple, unmitigated, sheer, utter, absolute, unqualified, complete, total, perfect, thorough, outright, downright, out-and-out, mere Many regarded the notion that man could ever fly as pure nonsense Any resemblance to a living person is pure coincidence. 6 honourable, (highly) principled, righteous, upright, honest, straightforward, high-minded, pious, worthy, good, ethical, virtuous, sincere, above suspicion, above reproach, like Caesar's wife: Can anyone doubt that their motives in striving for international peace are pure?

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