Meaning of ADVANTAGE in English

[noun] - a condition giving a greater chance of successThe advantage of booking tickets in advance is that you get better seats. [C]Despite the twin advantages of wealth and beauty, she did not have a happy life. [C]It would be to your advantage (= It would improve the situation for you) to agree to his demands. [U + to infinitive]For a goalkeeper, it's a great advantage to have big hands. [C + to infinitive]His height and reach give him a big advantage over (= make him better than) other boxers. [C]Advantage is the word used in tennis when a player has won the point after deuce.Advantage Jackson!(UK formal) "Do you know how old I am?" "I'm afraid you have the advantage of me there (= you know the answer but I do not)."To take advantage of a situation is to benefit intentionally from it.Take advantage of this week's lower prices (= Buy while prices are lower).(disapproving) To take advantage of a person or their qualities is to benefit selfishly from them without giving anything in return.I think she takes advantage of his good nature.

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