Meaning of ADVANTAGE in English


n. & v.


1. a beneficial feature; a favourable circumstance.

2 benefit, profit (is not to your advantage).

3 (often foll. by over) a better position; superiority in a particular respect.

4 (in lawn tennis) the next point won after deuce.

1. be beneficial or favourable to.

2 further, promote.

Phrases and idioms:

have the advantage of be in a better position in some respect than. take advantage of

1. make good use of (a favourable circumstance).

2 exploit or outwit (a person), esp. unfairly.

3 euphem. seduce. to advantage in a way which exhibits the merits (was seen to advantage). turn to advantage benefit from.


advantageous adj. advantageously adv.

Etymology: ME f. OF avantage, avantager f. avant in front f. LL abante: see ADVANCE

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