Meaning of ADVANTAGE in English


I. ədˈvantij, -aan-, -ain-, -ȧn-, -ēj also ad- noun

( -s )

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Latin ad- ) of Middle English avauntage, from Middle French avantage, from avant before (from Latin abante ) + -age — more at advance

1. : the quality or state of being superior : a more favorable or improved position or condition : superiority

control of the higher ground gave them an advantage over their opponents

at the end of an hour's play the advantage lay definitely with the challenger

our present advantage in the air

gained the advantage by skillful maneuvering


a. : benefit, profit, or gain of any kind

you will be given information to your advantage

especially : benefit resulting from some course of action

a mistake which ironically turned out to his advantage

that can be done with advantage to all of us

a manuscript that could be cut with advantage

b. obsolete

(1) : profit or gain in money : interest

you neither lend nor borrow upon advantage — Shakespeare

(2) : excess quantity or number : surplus

it is but an advantage to the dozen — John Milton

3. obsolete


(1) : a place giving superiority : vantage ground

(2) : high or higher ground : elevation

b. : a favorable time or occasion : opportunity

4. : a factor or circumstance that gives superiority to its possessor or that puts him or it in a favorable or improved position

among the advantages of a small college is its campus life

a plan whose only advantage was its simplicity

with none of the advantages of birth, wealth, or good health, he nevertheless rose quickly to the top

a reputation that he later regarded as more of a handicap than an advantage

5. : the first point won in tennis after deuce ; also : the score for it — called advantage in if won by the server, advantage out if won by the receiver

Synonyms: see use

- have the advantage of

- to advantage

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Latin ad- ) of Middle English avauntagen, from Middle French avantager, from avantage, n.

transitive verb

: to give an advantage to : be of benefit to : further , promote , profit

our present law of libel greatly advantages financial sharks — Economist

considerably advantaged by his biological heritage — M.F.A.Montagu

intransitive verb

: to derive advantage : benefit

the forces that would advantage — V.H.Burnstein

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