Meaning of ALIVE in English


[adjective] [after verb; not gradable] - living; having life; not deadI wonder if I'll be alive in 2050?Doctors kept him alive on a life-support machine.Since he became a grandparent, he is the proudest person alive (= he is extremely proud).(figurative) She's a writer who really knows how to make her characters come alive (= seem real and interesting).(figurative) Relatives of the missing sailors are struggling to keep hope alive (= continue believing that the sailors will be found).Alive is also used to mean active and energetic or exciting.South American novels/Big cities/Young people are so alive.If the soap opera had some younger characters, that would bring it alive (= make it more interesting and exciting). [after verb]The city centre really comes alive (= becomes filled with activity) on Friday and Saturday nights.If you are alive to something, you are thinking about it or aware of it.I ski for the excitement, but I'm also always alive to the risks.If something is alive with something else, it is so covered with or full of them that it appears to be living and moving.The grass was alive with ants.The pond was alive with frogs.Traditional jazz is still alive and well/kicking (= active) in New Orleans.The book's alive and well (= still exists, although many people are no longer aware of it) and making money for its author. [after verb]

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