Meaning of ALIVE in English




be burned alive

The animals were burned alive when a farm building caught fire.

buried alive

Fifty-seven miners were buried alive .

escape alive

The crew of the sinking vessel were lucky to escape alive.

more dead than alive (= very badly hurt or ill and almost dead )

He was swept up onto a beach after three days at sea, more dead than alive.




Made from natural materials, they can be much more alive .

Gone is the old way of machines; come is the reborn nature of machines, a nature more alive than dead.

She felt physically fitter and more alive than she could ever remember.

It also can make the sound of music even more alive .

She felt more alive than she had for a long time.

His ears ringing, the blood pounding in his veins, Floyd felt more alive than he had for years.

At night my fields are more alive with poachers than rabbits.

The grass was greener, the sun was shining brighter, and people were more alive , I could see them clearer.


But since the controversy is still very much alive , it seems advisable to take a new look at this issue.

But he was very much alive .

The issues of anti-popes and schisms were still very much alive in the late twelfth century.

He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral.

Nothing serious and very much alive .

In fact, the woman remained very much alive .

He is very much alive and kicking, strongly represented in the intertestamental literature, the New Testament and human experience.

The ideology of egalitarianism is still very much alive .


Some of them just want to go back to places they liked while they were still alive .

For many years she lay in the coffin, but strangely remained as lovely as if she were still alive .

If the man were still alive , would he have played one himself?

Nine of the 16 still alive now are chronically infected but not necessarily sick.

And it's a myth that foxes are torn to pieces while still alive .

Although Neel died last February, many of his associates, including authors of classic anthropology texts, are still alive .

When he said no, I knew I was still alive .



Nearly forty percent of people alive today live under governments which consider themselves Marxist.

Of course, there have been many who have speculated how Martin Luther King would think were he alive today .

If Darwin were alive today , he would surely place mankind as the prime mover in global evolution.

She is alive today because nearly 50 years ago the fates were kind to her, three sisters and a brother.

He would be 88 if he were alive today .

More than 10 million of our family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers are alive today because of cancer research.

Certainly they are difficult to accommodate comfortably in groups alive today .

Were he alive today , Tchaikovsky would be a candidate for psychiatric counseling and drug therapy.


eat sb alive/eat sb for breakfast

skin sb alive

Richard would skin me alive if he ever found out.


Are all your grandparents still alive ?

Blues clubs like these help keep the music alive .

Not knowing whether he's dead or alive is a terrible feeling.

Paramedics fought for an hour by the roadside to keep him alive .

She was the last person to see him alive .

The children were found alive and well after being missing for several days.

The police found them lying on the kitchen floor. Mr Wilkins was dead and his wife was barely alive .


I did not notice it while she was alive .

She died in 1952 and I am now the only one of the family left alive .

The coward choked out that you were still alive and hadn't been harmed, but it didn't save his neck.

The Glens have the cup pedigree and their cup run has kept a disappointing season alive .

The penalty kept the drive alive .

The quest to make the songs come alive helps reignite the players' chemistry after the long layoff.

While you're here don't say it, and we might all stand a chance of getting out of here alive .

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