Meaning of ALMOST in English

[adverb] [not gradable] - nearly but not quiteShe's almost thirty.It was almost six (o'clock) when he left.I almost wish I hadn't invited him.She said yes almost before he'd finished speaking.It'll cost almost as much to repair it as it would to buy a new one.Almost all the passengers on the ferry were French.They'll almost certainly forget to do it.The number of bankruptcies almost doubled in the first six months of the year.The town was almost entirely destroyed during the war.We were bitten by mosquitoes almost every night.You'll find beggars almost everywhere in the world.Most forms of anti-social behaviour appear to be almost exclusively male.Almost half of all the people who contract the disease make a complete recovery.The new bridge is almost identical to the old one.The boat sank almost immediately after it had struck the rock.Most artists find it almost impossible to make a living from art alone.This form of cancer is almost invariably fatal.Until recently, the problem was almost universally ignored.

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