Meaning of ALMOST in English

/awl"mohst, awl mohst"/ , adv.

very nearly; all but: almost every house; almost the entire symphony; to pay almost nothing for a car; almost twice as many books.

[ bef. 1000; ME; OE ( e ) al mast, var. of AEL MAEST nearly ]

Syn . ALMOST (MOST), NEARLY, WELL-NIGH all mean within a small degree of or short space of. ALMOST implies very little short of: almost exhausted; almost home. MOST is colloquial for ALMOST. NEARLY implies a slightly greater distance or degree than ALMOST: nearly well; nearly to the city. WELL-NIGH, a more literary word, implies a barely appreciable distance or extent: well-nigh forgotten; well-nigh home.

Usage . See most .

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