Meaning of ALMOST in English



about/almost equal

They are about equal in height and weight.

almost certainly

The girl was almost certainly murdered.

almost tangible

The silence of the countryside was almost tangible .

almost/nearly impossible

He thought that winning would be almost impossible.

almost/nearly/near perfect

His collection included an almost perfect skeleton of an armadillo.

Her performance was near perfect.

almost...not quite

Dinner’s almost ready, but not quite .

almost/virtually certain

It is almost certain that she will be given a prison sentence.

Prices are virtually certain to increase.

almost/virtually unanimous

The decision to appoint Matt was almost unanimous.

almost/virtually/practically etc nonexistent

On a Sunday morning traffic was almost nonexistent.

totally/completely/almost/partially blind

She’s almost blind in her right eye.

virtually/almost/practically useless

These flaws could make the software virtually useless in a business environment.

virtually/practically/almost etc invisible




I said that this was almost certain but the process was rather slow.

And it is almost certain that no reporter will go down into the mines to find out.

Most important, the Federal Reserve and Greenspan are almost certain to keep interest rates stable.

Maintaining an inventory is almost certain to assure a higher loss payment.

It stunned Boro and their frustration turned to anger after being denied an almost certain penalty.

You are almost certain to get hundreds of Web pages to examine.

Male speaker Death and injury were almost certain .

The almost certain one is a third party candidacy by Ross Perot or even Pat Buchanan.


But while axeheads from different societies may perform widely differing social functions, the axeheads themselves may be almost identical .

It has a bone handle and three blades, almost identical to the one my daddy used to carry.

Pollen was an almost identical diet and it still remains a most important prize.

A search through their genes reveals a set almost identical to those that help make the wing of a fruit fly.

Another almost identical box, with attached headphones, was moved over the ground and a continual tone was emitted.

The poor growers A and B showed almost identical increase.

An almost identical necklace appears in Poynter's watercolour Helen, painted in 1887.

In almost identical terms, constituency parties in the province and Britain have stepped up the pressure for a decisive Government move.


Apart from being almost impossible to cut, second hand shop windows are usually of inferior quality.

But analysts noted that without knowing the impact of the big merger, it was almost impossible to make an accurate projection.

She tried to look past him, but it was almost impossible to see what or who was in the room beyond.

Voice over Indeed the task is becoming almost impossible .

The Worlds Edge Mountains are extremely tall and almost impossible to cross where they border the Empire.

It had to proceed through persuasion and encouragement - a difficult process with public-sector bodies, but almost impossible with major companies.

It was almost impossible to imagine Luke defeated and flattened.

That is all very well in theory but almost impossible to achieve in practice.



But it is extraordinary how one of those pianos prominently placed on stage almost becomes part of the action.

In the United States eugenics became almost completely discredited.

Facing Multiple Grief Sometimes the losses that we experience come so quickly one after the other that they become almost indistinguishable.

Demonstrating my attractiveness to a young intelligent woman in competition with young attractive males had become almost an obsession of mine.

It will give that tight West Coast strum with the bass strings becoming almost percussive.

He became almost quaintly obsolete, like the handle crank on the automobile.

Taping your own sound effects is another interesting part of video movie making: it can become almost a hobby in itself.

The lack of evidence of violence in the Neolithic period is so complete it becomes almost hard to believe.


The rain fell almost horizontally, its bite as sharp as darts.

He stumbled on it, almost fell , then picked up the front of it and hustled after his friends.

He would wear a pair of shoes until they almost fell apart.

Carolyn rushed out, almost falling down a flight of stone steps.

When she finally met Lisa, she almost fell over.

Cardiff staggered and almost fell back against Barbara.

Intuit Inc. shares posted the largest decline in the index, falling almost 17 percent this week.


He smiled at her, trying to look comforting; he was feeling almost as tearful himself.

I can almost feel the blazing sun, the blinding white beaches, although they are not in the picture.

I almost feel I've been sent here so they can teach me a lesson about life.

Why, then, this dark hint of dread, the first I have felt almost since I remember skiing?

Several times she felt almost caught up with the constant demands for her attention.

One can almost feel the discomfort such syncretic attitudes created in Longobardi.

In a strange way I felt almost embarrassed that such things were happening in my name.

She can cook for hours and feel almost complacent, she says.


It seemed almost to speak to her.

There is a final item in the cascade of causes and consequences, a retribution for pollution that seems almost biblically apt.

Beside this, Britain's outbreaks of sleaze seem almost quaint.

Even so, it seemed almost too easy.

Everything, in fact, which it seemed almost impossible to find in one place in the City before.

The villain is an investor who kills with such glee that he almost seems corny.

It seemed almost impossible to many people that such tiny things as micro-organisms could have been fossilised at all.

It seems almost eerie that something so stunning can be so silent.


I nearly/almost fainted

She wrote: I almost fainted when I read your letter, confronted by that terrible mistake I had made.

These were removed and - oh, sweet Lord, I nearly fainted !

sb nearly/almost fell off their chair


Are we almost there?

I'm almost finished.

It's an almost impossible task.

The wines are almost as expensive as champagne.

We stayed at Grandma's for almost a week.


Early in the evening it will be almost directly overhead.

It almost seems like a mob.

It is calculated in almost exactly the same way.

The crowd of almost 2, 700 cheers loudly.

The stars looked almost the same here as they did on the other side of the world.

The treatment of engineering dynamics is almost invariably linear, although examples of simple non-linear formulations are provided.

The Western Electric system was thoroughly thought out, with a performance exceeding acoustic cutters by two-and-a-half octaves and almost unlimited amplification.

Then, almost magically, as she realised this, something stirred inside her and that something was excitement and courage.

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