Meaning of ASS in English


(BOTTOM) [noun] [C] [esp. US] [slightly taboo] [slang] - arse([esp. US] [slightly taboo] [slang]) If someone tells you to get your ass somewhere, they want you to go there quickly.Get your ass in my office immediately!([esp. US] [slightly taboo] [slang]) If you get someone's ass, you find and punish them for something they have done.Don't worry, the cops'll get that maniac's ass.(US taboo) Ass is sometimes used by men to refer to sexual activity, or to women considered only as sex objects. Some people find this use offensive, whether or not the speaker intends it to be.I really need some ass - I haven't had any for weeks.I've never seen so much gorgeous ass.If you bore the ass off someone/bore someone's ass off you bore them a lot.That guy at the party bored the ass off me!If you work the ass off someone/work someone's ass off, you make them work very hard.If you work your ass off, you work very hard.I worked my ass off for that promotion and I still didn't get it.If you talk your ass off, you talk a lot or too much.If you talk someone's ass off, you talk to them too much.If you tell someone to shove/stick/ram something up their ass, you mean they should stop troubling you with it.She wanted me to work over the weekend, but I told her to shove it up her ass.(figurative) The journey was terrible - there was a sports car up my ass (= driving too close to me) all the way from Cambridge.(UK) If you are up someone's ass (US on someone's ass), you are annoying them by refusing to leave them alone.The police have been up my ass ever since I was done for speeding.

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