Meaning of BASKET in English


[noun] [C] - a light container, often with a handle, which is made of thin bendable strips of wood or plastic woven together and is used for carrying or storing thingsa shopping basketa wicker basketa laundry/clothes basketSusannah's very pleased with her new picnic basket.We picked lots of strawberries, but we'd eaten half the basket (= the contents of the basket) by the time we got home.See pictures: Cleaning, Fires and heaters, Dining, BasketsIn the game of basketball, a basket is an open net hanging from a metal ring through which the players try to throw the ball to score points for their team, or the successful throwing of the ball through the ring.A basket of something is a group of related things.The value of the pound against a basket of world currencies has fallen to 81% of its 1985 value.A basket case is an unkind name for someone who is not able to handle the demands and pressures of life.A basket case is also a country or company that is very unsuccessful financially.Twenty years ago the country was an economic basket case.He has a lot of experience of turning basket cases into profitable companies.

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