Meaning of BASKET in English


[bas.ket] n [ME, prob. fr. (assumed) ONF baskot; akin to OF baschoue wooden vessel; both fr. L bascauda kind of basin, of Celt origin; akin to MIr basc necklace--more at fascia] (14c) 1 a: a receptacle made of interwoven material (as osiers) b: any of various lightweight usu. wood containers c: the quantity contained in a basket

2: something that resembles a basket esp. in shape or use 3 a: a net open at the bottom and suspended from a metal ring that constitutes the goal in basketball b: a field goal in basketball

4. a: an aggregate of values (as of selected currencies) the average of which serves as a monetary standard b: a selection of financial instruments (as equities, futures, or options) the values of which reflect market fluctuations

5: a ring around the lower end of a ski pole that keeps the pole from sinking too deep in snow -- adj

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