Meaning of BASKET in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ bɑ:skɪt, bæs- ]

( baskets)


A basket is a stiff container that is used for carrying or storing objects. Baskets are made from thin strips of materials such as straw, plastic, or wire woven together.

...big wicker picnic baskets filled with sandwiches.

...a laundry basket.


A basket of things is a number of things contained in a basket.

...a small basket of fruit and snacks.

N-COUNT : N of n


In economics, a basket of currencies or goods is the average or total value of a number of different currencies or goods. ( BUSINESS )

The pound’s value against a basket of currencies hit a new low of 76.9.

N-COUNT : usu sing , N of n


In basketball, the basket is a net hanging from a ring through which players try to throw the ball in order to score points.



to put all your eggs in one basket: see egg

see also bread basket , hanging basket , wastepaper basket

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