Meaning of CAR in English


[esp. UK] [dated] or [formal] motor car, [esp. US] [formal] automobile [noun] [C] - a road vehicle with an engine, usually four wheels and seating for between one and four peoplea car chasea car accidenta car factoryShe goes/drives to work by car.A car whizzed round the corner and knocked the old lady over.See pictures: Car exterior, Car interior, CarsA car is also the part of a larger vehicle in which the passengers or goods travel.The passengers in an airship travel in the car which hangs underneath.The train has both a restaurant car (= carriage with a restaurant) and a sleeping car (= carriage with beds).A car bomb is a bomb put inside a car and left to explode in a public place.(UK) A car-boot sale (US swap meet, ANZ garage sale) is an event where people sell their unwanted possessions from the backs of their cars.A car ferry is a ship designed for carrying vehicles and passengers.(UK and ANZ) A car park is an area of ground (US and ANZ parking lot) or a building (US parking garage) where there is space for vehicles to be parked.A car phone is a telephone which is kept and used in a car and is connected to the telephone system by radio. A car pool is a group of cars owned by a company or other organization which can be used by any of its employees.A car pool is also a group of people who travel together, esp. to work or school, usually in a different member's car each day.Car-pooling is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than commuting alone in your car every day.A car wash is a machine which you can drive through to have your car cleaned automatically.

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