Meaning of CAR in English


car S1 W1 /kɑː $ kɑːr/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1800-1900 ; Origin: car 'carriage' (14-19 centuries) , from Anglo-French carre , from Latin carrus ]

1 . a vehicle with four wheels and an engine, that can carry a small number of passengers:

Dan got out of the car and locked the door.

He isn’t old enough to drive a car.

by car

I always go to work by car.

Coughlan was killed in a car accident.

2 . sleeping/dining/buffet car a train carriage used for sleeping, eating etc

3 . American English a train carriage

4 . the part of a lift, ↑ balloon , or ↑ airship in which people or goods are carried

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■ verbs

▪ go/travel by car

I try to use public transport instead of going by car.

▪ get in/into a car

The man stopped and she got into the car.

▪ get out of a car

He got out of the car and went into the newsagent’s.

▪ drive a car

In England you can learn to drive a car when you are 17.

▪ have/own a car

Do you have a car?

▪ run a car (=have a car and pay for the petrol, repairs etc it needs)

People on low incomes can’t afford to run a car.

▪ take the car (=use a car to go somewhere)

Is it all right if I take the car this evening?

▪ park a car

She parked the car by the side of the road.

▪ back/reverse a car (=make it move backwards)

Suzy backed the car into the driveway.

▪ lose control of the car (=no longer be able to control its direction)

He lost control of the car on a sharp bend.

▪ a car passes/overtakes somebody

A small black car overtook me on my left.

▪ a car drives off/away

The police car drove off at top speed.

▪ a car pulls out (=moves away from the side of the road)

A car suddenly pulled out in front of me.

▪ a car slows down

The car slowed down and stopped outside our house.

▪ a car pulls up (=stops)

Why’s that police car pulling up here?

▪ a car pulls over (=stops on the side of a road)

▪ a car breaks down (=stops working because something is wrong with it)

On the way home on the motorway the car broke down.

▪ a car stalls (=stops working for a short time until you start it again)

My car stalled at the traffic lights.

▪ a car hits something/crashes into something

I saw the car leave the road and hit a tree.

▪ a car skids (=slides sideways in a way you cannot control)

If it’s icy, the car might skid.

■ car + NOUN

▪ a car crash/accident ( also a car wreck American English )

He was involved in a car crash.

▪ a car park

She couldn’t find a space in the car park.

▪ a car door/engine/key etc

She left the car engine running.

▪ the car industry

The car industry suffers in times of economic decline.

▪ a car manufacturer/maker

He works for the German car manufacturer, Mercedes.

▪ a car driver

Every year 1500 car drivers and passengers die in road accidents.

▪ a car dealer (=someone who buys and sells used cars)

Car dealers reported a 4% drop in sales.

▪ a car chase

The best bit in the movie was the car chase through the city.

▪ car crime British English

Car crime in the area has risen rapidly.

▪ a car bomb (=a bomb hidden in or under a car)

A car bomb exploded killing 33 people.

■ adjectives

▪ a used/second-hand car (=one that is not new)

The company locates suitable new and used cars for buyers.

▪ a sports car (=a low fast car)

He was driving a red sports car.

▪ an estate car British English (=one with a door at the back and folding seats)

Once you have children, an estate car is very useful.

▪ a racing car ( also a race car American English )

He became a racing car driver.

▪ a police car

The vehicle was being chased by a police car.

▪ a company car (=one that your company gives you to use)

She was given a company car.

▪ a hire car British English , a rental car American English

We picked up a hire car at the airport.

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