Meaning of CAR in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ kɑ: ]

n. 1 (in full motor car) a road vehicle with an enclosed passenger compartment, powered by an internal-combustion engine. 2 (in comb.) a a wheeled vehicle, esp. of a specified kind (tramcar). b a railway carriage of a specified type (dining-car). 3 US any railway carriage or van. 4 the passenger compartment of a lift, cableway, balloon, etc. 5 poet. a wheeled vehicle; a chariot. øcar bomb a terrorist bomb concealed in or under a parked car. car-boot sale an outdoor sale at which participants sell unwanted possessions from the boots of their cars. car coat a short coat designed esp. for car drivers. car park an area for parking cars. car phone a radio-telephone for use in a motor vehicle. øøcarful n. (pl. -fuls). [ME f. AF & ONF carre ult. f. L carrum, carrus, of OCelt. orig.]

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