Meaning of COAL in English

[noun] - a hard black substance, dug from the earth in lumps which can be burnt to produce heat or powerA lot of coal used to be mined in this part of the country. [U]Useful chemicals can be extracted from coal. [U]In her rage she threw a burning hot coal (= single piece of coal) at him. [C]To haul/drag someone over the coals is to tell them off about something they have done of which you strongly disapproveHe was hauled over the coals for coming in late for work three times in a week.To carry/take coals to Newcastle is to supply goods to a place or a person that already has a lot of those particular goods.Exporting pine to Scandanavia seems a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle.Coal black means pure black.She stared into his coal black eyes.A coal bunker is a large container, esp. outside a house, for storing coal.The coal face is the surface from which coal is cut.(UK and ANZ figurative) At the coal face (= In real working conditions) with thirty-five kids in a class, you sometimes feel under a lot of pressure.A coal field is an area in which there is a lot of coal.If something is coal-fired, it is fuelled by coal.a coal-fired boiler coal-fired central-heatingA coal mine is the deep hole or system of holes under the ground from which coal is removed.A coal miner is a person who works in a coal mine removing coal from the ground.A coal scuttle is a small container in which coal is kept inside a house.See picture: Fires and heatersCoal tar is the sticky black substance made from coal which is used to make particular chemical products.

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