Meaning of CURL in English


[verb]Does your hair curl naturally (= grow in curls), or is it permed? [I]You can buy lots of devices for curling hair. [T]Some plants curl (= wind) round tree trunks. [I]The narrow river curled through the valley. [I]If the leaves on your apple tree curl (up), then it probably has greenfly. [I]A new baby will automatically curl its fingers round any object it touches. [T]The cat was curled up on the hearth rug. [I]I just want to curl up (= sit comfortably) in an armchair with a book.(UK) They all curled up (= began to laugh uncontrollably) when they saw his amazing new hat.I just wanted to curl up and die (= I felt very ashamed and sorry) when I spilt coffee on their new carpet!She curled her lip/Her lip curled at what he said (= She showed by a movement of her mouth that she felt no respect for it).

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