Meaning of CURL in English


I. ˈkərl, esp before pause or consonant ˈkər.əl; ˈkə̄l, ˈkəil verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English curlen, crullen, from crolle, crulle curly, probably from Middle Dutch; akin to Old High German krol curly, Norwegian krull, Middle High German krūs, Old English crēas fine, elegant, cradol cradle — more at cradle

transitive verb

1. : to twist or form into coils or ringlets (as the hair)

2. : to form into a curved shape : make a curve or curves in or on : twist

curled one leg about the other

3. : to furnish with or as if with curls

a head curled with graceful locks

4. : to contort in a grimace or similar expression of feeling

curling his lips in a sneer

she looked at him contemptuously and then curled her mouth up in anger — Liam O'Flaherty

5. : to cut so thinly as to create a twisted or ringed effect

curled bacon

curled celery stalks

intransitive verb

1. : to grow in coils or spirals

her hair curls naturally

a curling vine

: form ripples, crinkles, or ringlets

her hair curls only in damp weather

bacon curls when fried

the crisp white edge of a curling wave — F.J.Mather

2. : to move or progress in curves or spirals

the lanes curl and wind into a … sort of labyrinth — Faubion Bowers

: form into rings or curves

the snake lashed and curled — William Beebe

: roll or move in ripples

his laughter curled round his sentences — Virginia Woolf

3. : to twist or contort (as in a grimace)

his lip curled in scorn

4. : to play the game of curling

Synonyms: see wind

- curl the hair

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a lock of hair that coils : ringlet

2. : something having a curling or coiling shape (as a shaving of wood) : coil , spiral

3. : the action or fact of curling : the state of being curled

keep the hair in curl


a. : an eddy in a stream

b. South : a bend in a stream

5. : an abnormal rolling or curling of leaves ; also : a malformation caused by the feeding of aphids or other sucking insects — compare leaf curl , leaf roll


a. archery : a sudden turn in the grain of a bow

b. : a curved or spiral marking in the grain of wood

7. : tendril

8. mathematics : the vector product of the operator del and the vector

9. : the degree to which a sheet of paper departs from a plane when freely exposed to the atmosphere

III. noun

1. : a hollow arch of water formed when the crest of a breaking wave spills forward — called also tube tunnel

2. : a body-building exercise in which a weight held at thigh level is raised to chest or shoulder level and then lowered without moving the shoulders or upper arms

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