Meaning of DIRT in English

[noun] [U] - dust, earth or any substance that prevents a surface from being cleanI can't get the dirt off these shoes.His coat was covered with dirt.Our cream-coloured rug really shows the dirt.Footprints were visible in the dirt (= earth).(esp. US and ANZ) Dirt is also loose earth on the ground.After I'd finished gardening, there was dirt from the flower beds all over the path.(informal) Dirt is also excrement.I got some dog dirt on my shoes.(informal) Dirt can also mean the details of people's private lives.She'll tell you all the dirt about/on everyone.These journalists are always digging for dirt.They're selling umbrellas dirt cheap (= very cheaply) on the market.Umbrellas are dirt cheap (= very cheap) on the market.He comes from a dirt poor (= very poor) background.A dirt road/(UK and ANZ also) dirt track is a road in the countryside made from earth.We drove up a narrow dirt track to their house.

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