Meaning of DIRT in English



dirt bike

dirt cheap (= very cheap - an informal expression )

This coat was dirt cheap

dirt cheap

Such cheap goods obviously rely on dirt cheap labor.

dirt farmer

dirt poor American English informal (= extremely poor )

We were dirt poor back then.

dirt poor

dirt road

dirt track

dirt track

The road leading to the farm was little more than a dirt track .

dish the dirt (= tell people shocking things about someone’s private life )

treat sb like dirt informal (= very badly and with no respect )

He treated this wife like dirt.




Look for tiny specks of black dirt - these are the flea droppings.

I watched her hands come to the small of her back, kneading black dirt into a faded flower print.

His face and hands were black with dirt .


Hamilton said, and she headed down a little dirt path.

Marines run it, so there is little dirt or laughter.


She turned and looked up the narrow dirt road.



She also writes her own motorcycle column, Purr, and loves riding dirt bikes .

Duhon enjoys speeding across the hard-packed sand on his dirt bike , almost challenging the dry lake to best him.

He rode an old dirt bike and mumbled when he talked.


Cartons of medical supplies were stacked on the dirt floor .

He pulled the doors back, stepped inside, swung the flashlight across the dirt floor .

Inside I would sit on the dirt floor smoking cigarettes stolen from the drawing room.

The Human Body dropped from his hands, snapped open, and the innards scattered all over the dirt floor .

Where the water dripped on to my dirt floor , I scraped a trench with my pocket knife to let it drain out.

Colonels and privates hit the dirt floor as one!

He squatted down, brushed a hand across the dirt floor , and put the hand to his nose.

This was fine compared to the moldy tents and dirt floors at tent city.


Bancoult's own home is down a dirt path past corrugated shacks that overspill with children.

Hamilton said, and she headed down a little dirt path .

The dirt path she was on was flanked on the left by a steep bank.

The dirt paths between the house and the other buildings were foaming brown streams.

A hard dirt path leads into the village past a cluster of small bamboo huts.


After that it's a dirt road , but fairly new.

We were a mile down a dirt road .

Southern species often sit in dirt roads or sandy tracks and appear in car headlights.

We were bumping along a dirt road when a storm gathered dark clouds above us.

Laidlaw drove past it and pulled up at the end of the dirt road .

Every now and then a car rumbled over the bumpy dirt road , leaving behind a whirl of white dust.

Narrow dirt roads connect the farms to the wider dirt road which links North Chittendon with Montpelier and Barre.


I wandered out of Uncle's house and on to the dirt streets .

Old men and women lined the dirt street and cheered as her wagon passed by.

Heavy rains flooded the dirt streets of Gaza.


He ran through the gate, down the lane and across to the dirt track faster and faster, leaping and jumping.

We follow the dirt track that meanders with it.

They turned into a dirt track flanked by very young gum trees.

In the morning, we motored along dirt tracks to the deserted ruins of Dainzu and Mitla.

During the monsoon, the dirt track which connects McLeod Ganj with Dharamsala lower down the valley turns into sludge.

Devshi bhai took his group along a dirt track to our left.

The private dirt track led directly to it.

We cycled into the small village of Noul Roman along a dirt track .



His face was covered in dirt and he grinned at us in a rather frightened way.

When the service was over they would cover the coffin with dirt .

Her skin was covered with dirt , but it didn't hide its quality.

Oh, he was covered in dirt and spoke like an actor reciting his lines but he made one mistake.


He looks for freshly dug dirt , or tracks.

That was all part of the job - dig the dirt and then turn it into pure gold.

If you want to dig the dirt your best hope is old Gooseneck, especially if he finds you attractive.

Just imagine him saying that to a reporter trying to dig up more dirt ... trying to stir it up a bit.

The jeep dug dirt as it leapt forward.


The People was the most assiduous in digging the dirt .

Kenny stabbed the toe of his shoe into the layer of pine needles, digging for the dirt beneath.

In politics, as in life, truth hurts.Better to keep mum. Digging up dirt is the media's job.

They felt like giants of desire, pleased happy monsters digging into pay dirt .

If he was a journalist intent on digging up some ancient dirt , he'd come up empty-handed.


This made Fearnley very defensive about his own business, and usually happy to dish the dirt about his aggressive competitor.

I dish the dirt for half an hour and then leave him.

He is often hired to inform Fleet Street about client views or, less charitably, to dish the dirt on opponents.

A woman with a noble title is not supposed to dish royal dirt .

They're the ones who'd love to dish the dirt .


Nolan Ryan sent Dave Winfield sprawling to eat dirt .

We could eat all the sacred dirt on earth, but still those who loved to make war would make war.

The real losers will, for all I know, eat dirt .


Our first instinct was to hit the dirt .

Right now these three boys had hit pay dirt without even knowing the term.

Colonels and privates hit the dirt floor as one!

I hit the dirt and lay there panting.

Another few rounds hit the dirt in front of us.

The grunt leader stood up for a second and then hit the dirt .

Cod, I had really hit pay dirt .


A hard dirt path leads into the village past a cluster of small bamboo huts.


Fabric boots should be scrubbed with clean water to remove the dirt and allowed to dry naturally.

Rinse collard greens thoroughly in lukewarm water, repeating, if necessary, to remove all dirt and grit.

Eventually a more thorough cleaning will remove any dirt and later retouching.

Rory sucked at the tiny wound and spat, trying to remove any dirt .

Washing white is a longer process of removing the dirt and stains.

Whilst regular vacuuming removes surface dirt , crumbs and dust, it can't get rid of the ground dirt.

If necessary, wash it gently in some warm soapy water to remove dirt and food particles. 2.

Before applying paint to the door, lightly clean the surface with white spirit to remove any dirt or grease.


He just goes around there to rub dirt in their wounds.


A little while later, still holding Maura in his arms, Michael threw his handful of dirt on to the coffin.

With pans we threw out the dirt ... Dried meat would be handed round.

With the sentries jeering and the kitchen girls free to throw dirt , glad to see her fallen?

Tyres had thrown the dirt into parallel ridges, knee-high on either side.


No more contract flying, being treated like dirt by all the owner-drivers.

For all I know they treated their women like dirt .

For years I allowed him to treat me like dirt .

You saw how they treated you, like dirt .

He's emperor of a hugely wealthy Aztec mountain kingdom and can afford to treat people like dirt .

You may well be upset, but you're not going to get away with treating me like dirt .


hit the dirt/the deck

rub sb's nose in it/in the dirt


He took off his glasses, which were covered with dirt .

Put the seeds in the pot and cover them with dirt .

She swept the dirt off the back porch.

The floor was covered with dirt .

The kids were playing in the yard, digging in the dirt .

The rooms were cleaned until every speck of dirt and grit was gone.

They live at the end of a dirt road.

Why is there dirt all over the back seat of the car?


A quick ride up a short but somewhat steep dirt road takes you to Mulholland Drive, known here as dirt Mulholland.

He stabbed the brake, stabbed too hard, and his back wheels slurred in the dirt .

Jack looked up and wiped a grubby hand wearily over his face, streaking the dirt still further.

That way, enough bag was left to use as a flap to hold in the dirt .

The film of steam combined with the patina of dirt on the glass made them almost opaque.

The government was paying farmers fifteen cents a cubic yard to move dirt .

The hose washed off something that was not dirt .

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