Meaning of DOUBLE in English

[verb]The government aims to double the number of students in higher education within 25 years. [T]Company profits have doubled since the introduction of new technology. [I]I'll double the blanket (= fold it into two layers) so you won't be cold. [T]If something or someone doubles as something or someone else, they have a second use or job.The kitchen table doubles as my desk when I'm writing. The actress playing the judge also doubles as the victim's sister.If you double up/over, or if something doubles you up, you suddenly bend forwards and down, usually because of pain or laughter.Most of the crowd doubled up with laughter at every joke.She was doubled up/over with the pain in her stomach.To double back is to turn and go back in the direction you have come from.Several times we doubled back on ourselves to try and shake off the detectives who were following.To double up is to share something, esp. a room, with someone else.Terry will have to double up with Bill in the front bedroom.

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