Meaning of DUCK in English


(MOVE) [verb] - to move (your head or the top part of your body) quickly down, esp. to avoid being hit, or to avoid (a hit) by moving your head or bending your bodyI saw the ball hurtling towards me and ducked (down). [I]Duck, or you'll bang your head. [I]Duck your head or you'll bang it on the door-frame. [T]She tried to hit him but he managed to duck the blows. [T]Some people hate ducking (= pushing) (their head) under/in water. [I or T]To duck is also to move quickly to a place, esp. in order not to be seen.When he saw them coming, he ducked into a doorway.(informal) If you duck (out of) a duty or responsibility, you avoid doing it.You can't duck your responsibilities. [T]It would be unfair of you to duck out of going to the cinema. [I + out of]

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