Meaning of DUCK in English


n. (pl. same or ducks) 1 a any of various swimming-birds of the family Anatidae, esp. the domesticated form of the mallard or wild duck. b the female of this (opp. DRAKE). c the flesh of a duck as food. 2 Cricket (in full duck's-egg) the score of a batsman dismissed for nought. 3 (also ducks) Brit. colloq. (esp. as a form of address) dear, darling. øduck-hawk 1 Brit. a marsh-harrier. 2 US a peregrine. ducks and drakes a game of making a flat stone skim along the surface of water. duck's arse sl. a haircut with the hair on the back of the head shaped like a duck's tail. duck soup US sl. an easy task. like a duck to water adapting very readily. like water off a duck's back colloq. (of remonstrances etc.) producing no effect. play ducks and drakes with colloq. squander. [OE duce, duce: rel. to DUCK(2)]

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