Meaning of DUCK in English


I. noun


a duck pond

dead duck

He admitted that the whole project was a dead duck.

ducking stool

ducks and drakes

lame duck

sitting duck

Out in the open, the soldiers were sitting ducks for enemy fire.




Pochards are the diving ducks parexcellence, diving frequently and swimming submerged.

Large diving sea ducks , often breeding on fresh water but normally resorting to salt water at other times.

Red-heads dive constantly like grebes, but have conspicuously whiter cheeks, and are also much whiter than other small diving ducks .

Rises more steeply from water than most diving ducks , wings making a loud singing note in flight.


The largest dabbling duck , the commonest and most widespread duck of the region, and the origin of the farmyard duck.


Excellent menu includes roast duck , smoked salmon, fish and game dishes.

Honey-glazed roast ducks hang in doorways beside weird sea slugs and dried fish.

That was why a landlord like Uncle Khan made offerings of roast ducks and steamed rice to one of his poorest tenants.


We were watching the tufted ducks which made up for their late appearance this season by arriving in more than usual strength.

And black and white tufted ducks tacked to-and-fro, the wind blowing their crests into stiff little top-knots.

Rain sheeted down on gad wall, tufted duck , coot and mallard.

Eider ducks were vying with mallard and tufted ducks, the ducklings dodging in and around people's legs.

My excuse for the gap in my knowledge is that tufted ducks are rarely vocal except during the breeding period.

The tufted ducks gathered into a loose raft in mid-water and eyed the intruders with disdain.

I counted more than 30 tufted ducks while at least 80 mallards were making wide sweeps round the pond before resettling.

Through binoculars we recognised shoveler, teal, pochard and tufted duck , all of which breed in the pools.


Also two wild ducks in the larder.

In 1608 famed explorer Captain John Smith reported that great numbers of wild ducks abounded.

But tiresome authority deems that tickling a trout or two or felling the odd wild duck for the supper table is illegal.

A report had been received by his inspector that a discreet cull of the wild ducks on Hury Reservoir was under way.



Unaccustomed peace settled on the duck pond .

At weekends he is likely to be found at his stone cottage complete with Aga, stream and duck pond .

What only a few weeks ago had been a car park was transformed into an ornamental duck pond .



I hope Swindon don't break their duck on saturday.

The Yorkshire-born jockey broke his duck at Yarmouth in 1967 and has never once doubted his ability to compete with the best.

That I break his miserable china duck .

Deano was obviously chuffed to break his duck .


I wish I had some bread - I like feeding the ducks .

She poured the peanuts into her palm and fed the duck .

See them laugh as they feed the ducks .

Didier was happy to feed the ducks on the river and take me to visit his schoolteacher.


a dead duck

If he's not here on time, he's a dead duck.

The news program was once considered a dead duck.

lame duck president/governor/legislature etc

like water off a duck's back


roast duck


He went to the brook, and shot a little duck , Right through the middle of the head, head, head.

In the moonlight it appeared more like a great slab of concrete than a refuge for ducks.

Most commercial ducks now come from farms in Northern California or the Midwest states, especially Indiana.

The particular larva around which a mussel pearl forms lives in its adult stage in the eider duck .

When removing the legs from the duck , make sure to leave enough skin around them to cover the meat.

II. verb




He let go and ducked back into the driving rain.

I eased into an upright position, ducking back out of sight until I heard him start the car and pull away.

Art, it seems, is the perpetual recidivist, always ducking back into the aesthetic as soon as vigilant life averts its gaze.

Marion ducked back out, surprised and annoyed, but there was no sign of her.

He ducked back into the shadows, his face pressed to the door.

Instinctively, I ducked back a tree or two.


I ducked down and left the doorway and ran along a row of cars to where mine was.

Others just plunged, simply ducked down and pushed out, fighting up, reaching for air.

As Taff and I ducked down into the trench I upset the remains of my meal over the floor.

Kramer had to duck down to get to the toilet.

He grabbed Vanessa, ducked down behind her.

We ducked down by the vines, heaving tomatoes at each other.

He dived behind a storage tank, covering as Forster dropped lightly to his feet and ducked down beside a bench.

She was hundreds of yards from the cottage when she ducked down , panting.


It took all the strength of Perdita's frantically squeezing legs to stop her ducking out .

At one point, Blue thinks that he is looking directly at him and ducks out of the way.

However much he might like to duck out , he can not.

Sinnett clamped his hand over his mouth and ducked out .

This boy was more the Weakest Link as he ducked out of taking two decisions to deny Leeds the win they deserved.

Several of us ducked out under cover of darkness, even as others arrived.

I know when to duck out for a breather.

Although Dole was ducking out , the debate will go on as scheduled.



Jehan rode up beside it, stepped out of the saddle, and ducked inside the cover .

Several of us ducked out under cover of darkness, even as others arrived.

Democrats either ducked for cover or scrambled to put the focus back on Gingrich.

She said that as she ducked for cover , she saw Combs run for the exit with Lopez.


Whenever the question of whether or not she needed him popped into her head , Constance conveniently ducked it.

Quickly, head low, he ducked behind the hedge and walked in a crouch to the bushes.


Don't duck the issues that death raises.

The protest movement can not duck the issue of the minority of violent anarchists who now exploit it.

Remember, the one thing you can't do is duck the issue .

Since the war, governments had by and large ducked the issue .


He did not duck one question .

Regardless whether you agree with him, he never ducks a question and always seems to have a grasp of the subject.



I tried ducking under broken sections, but they just ducked right down after me.

Smitty caught it flat-footed; he had not even tried to duck .

She tried to duck out of his grip, half-succeeding, and he went off-balance.

Floyd tried to duck out of the booth, but it was too late; he had already been spotted.


I forgot to duck and hit my head on the branch.

It was a good thing that I ducked when the wind blew the sail around.

Josie ducked and the vase smashed against the wall.


Culley ducked his face into his shoulder and wiped sweat on to his shirt.

He ducked under her arm and slammed his elbow into her back knocking her into the wall.

He did it again, and I would duck .

He has ducked, bobbed and weaved with it, but he is clearly embarrassed by it now.

He wriggled into the impulse-suit, ducked his head into the helmet.

Others just plunged, simply ducked down and pushed out, fighting up, reaching for air.

The bottom was pebbles, the water was sun-warmed; she ducked her head under and came up feeling faintly sick.

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