Meaning of EVENT in English


[noun] [C] - anything that happens, esp. something important or unusualThis year's Olympic Games will be the biggest ever sporting event.Susannah's party was the social event of the year.The police are trying to determine the series of events that led up to the murder.An event is also one of a set of races or competitions.The women's 200 metre event will be followed by the men's 100 metres.(UK) We had expected to arrive an hour late, but in the event (= what happened was that) we were half an hour early.In the event of a strike (= If that happens), the army will take over responsibility for firefighting.I might go home next month, but in any event (UK also at all events) (= whatever happens) I'll be home for Christmas.I can't decide whether to accept the Cambridge or the London job, but in either event (= whatever happens) I'll have to move house.There's a possibility of my flight being delayed. In that event (= If that happens) I'll phone to let you know.

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