Meaning of EVENT in English


/ ɪˈvent; NAmE / noun


a thing that happens, especially sth important :

The election was the main event of 2004.

In the light of later events the decision was proved right.

The decisions we take now may influence the course of events (= the way things happen) in the future.

Everyone was frightened by the strange sequence of events .

In the normal course of events (= if things had happened as expected) she would have gone with him.


a planned public or social occasion :

a fund-raising event

the social event of the year


one of the races or competitions in a sports programme :

The 800 metres is the fourth event of the afternoon.

—see also field event , track event


- after the event

- in any event | at all events

- in the event

- in the event of sth | in the event that sth happens

- in that event

—more at happy , wise adjective



late 16th cent.: from Latin eventus , from evenire result, happen, from e- (variant of ex- ) out of + venire come.

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