Meaning of EVENT in English



a charity event (= one organized to collect money for a charity )

She spoke at a charity event in aid of famine relief.

a sports event

Is this country able to stage a major sports event?

an exceptional event

If an exceptional event occurs, such as the death of a family member, you can ask for the court case to be postponed.

chance meeting/encounter/event etc

A chance meeting with a journalist changed everything.

festival events

Many of the festival events are already sold out.

field event

forthcoming events

Keep an eye on the noticeboards for forthcoming events .

in case of emergency/in the event of an emergency (= if there is an emergency )

The fire-exit doors should only be opened in case of emergency.

in the unlikely event of sth (= if something which is unlikely happens )

In the unlikely event of an accident, the system will automatically shut down.

isolated incident/case/event

Police say that last week’s protest was an isolated incident.

Momentous events

Momentous events are taking place in the US.

sequence of events

the sequence of events leading up to the war

sporting events

one of the major sporting events of the year

the happy event (= the birth of your child )

When’s the happy event ?

three-day event

track event

unforeseen circumstances/events/changes etc

Due to unforeseen circumstances , the play has been cancelled.




Like the Founder's Day Service, this too has developed into an impressive annual event .

Its big annual event in Dade County, a banquet honoring the judiciary, just made me impatient.

The village atmosphere is kept alive by an annual May Day event and tree and bulb planting schemes.

Funds raised in the third annual charity event will go toward research and new examination and treatment areas.

With the success of these first Championships, the organisers are hoping Blackbird Leys will become an annual event .

Last year, there were 450 people at the annual event .

During the war these readings were an annual event , and she became a close friend.

Its success has spawned an annual event , drawing more than 40, 000 people.


It was the Carling tournament at Royal Birkdale, a big event with a great deal of money as first prize.

Its big annual event in Dade County, a banquet honoring the judiciary, just made me impatient.

That was a really exciting moment, I felt as though I'd come from nowhere to a big event .

The concerts, held in the evening, were a big family event .

He had relegated the match to part of a bigger event as he thought people wanted more entertainment.

It's important in small conferences where there are limited numbers moving slowly, but for bigger events it's absolutely crucial.

The race is the biggest single spectator event in the country and attracts more than two hundred thousand fans.

But first, with news of two big sporting events looming, here's Tim.


At the Kleiber household in Poplar, these dramatic events passed unnoticed: Ernest and Rosie had more important matters in mind.

As is often the case with dissertations, mine dealt with dramatic events but was abstract, academic, and lifeless.

This is the backcloth to the dramatic events that were soon to follow.

This represents a dramatic turn of events in presidential politics.

I predicted that a dramatic event would soon strike at the heart of the Royal Family.

But the most dramatic event was probably the 4-minute landing.

For Sonny, those dramatic events are less than a blur.

The dramatic events of Black Wednesday leave little chance of avoiding a quick revival of inflationary pressure.


As in all the important events in Modigliani's life, there are differing versions of the story.

This inclusion should be shaped into a historical retraining of important events .

So why is it acknowledged that the Geneva Motor Show is the most important event in the automotive calendar?

In the past, comets were feared harbingers of important historical events , including invasions and major disasters.

One very important event in London was his marriage to Anne Bamford.

The development of printing was one of the most important events in the making of our modern world.

All the while important geophysical events were unrelenting.

First of all it is difficult for nomads to gather at one place so important events are made to coincide.


Find something to look forward to; it does not have to be a major event .

It is a great interactive way to find out what major events happened this century.

In the past, the publication of such a book would have been a major professional event .

Denver was seen at many major events in the Monterey area.

This process is repeated over and over again in relation to major and minor events throughout the family life-cycle.

The prime seats in the San Jose Arena are already sold out for the major events .

One channel will be a subscription service, mainly feature films and major sporting events .


I went to Brighton and saw for myself the absence of most of the top players due to other events taking place.

For the while the war went on. Other issues and events now came to complicate events.

In each case, the subject was reporting which other event a particular experience was synchronous with.

There are other events for women only.

The Ritz winter league and other events on the ice-bound River Ancholme were cancelled.

The Society plans to meet twice a year, with the possibility of matches and other events being organised, subject to demand.

Turn to our Race Series details on page 78 for other events to try.

Some other cellular event was involved, but its nature remained obscure and unexplained for another 30 years.


The military and political events of 1939-1945.

A source familiar with Philip Morris said the firm usually invites subcontractors to its political events .

But again political events were overtaking the scheme and bringing in their wake a radical reshaping of the whole programme.

But even this sad circumstance was overshadowed for me by political events of the week.

At that point, she concluded it was a political event and decided not to attend.

We have to make our own political events on the streets and stay in control of them.

The second and opposing view treats political events as the result of forces inherent in human nature.


Given the recent events in Orkney and elsewhere, promoting social work as a caring profession must restore faith in its activities.

You can not tell by recent events and prognostications.

And recent events hadn't helped much, either.

But recent events work against his goal.

In illustration of this last point, a couple of examples can be taken from recent and current events .

The conquest of air by living organisms is a relatively recent event , and one not yet completed.

I wish to add a personal word on a subject related to recent events , in which I played a personal role.

Though legal, recent events raise legitimate questions about the wisdom of accepting donations from permanent residents who can not vote.


Funerals are not just some grim social event for retired people.

Alumni in Concert Petra Armitage-Smith talks about a successful social and musical event .

At first they just focused on the fun part, the social events .

The Club's day-to-day affairs and social events carried on side by side.

It will compare different methods of recruitment, identify opportunities for involvement and stress the importance of a programme of social events .

The railways allowed ordinary people to visit the seaside and the country, so that natural-history excursions became social events .

You will find details of our social events and coffee mornings in this newsletter.


This vehicle now has a full school programme as well as being present at special events .

She was the publicist for a syndicate of galleries in Soho, an impresario of special events .

In any conference or special event there are certain essentials.

Is it going to be baseball-only, or will it be used for holding special events ?

Anniversaries can also be recorded in copper or pewter as a lasting reminder of a special event .

When it was, it was a special events theater.

Here are just a few of the courses available plus some special events and club news.

What the Liquor Board was most interested in is what was happening with the funds generated from these special events liquor licenses.


For one thing, especially if the sample is relatively small, unlikely events can skew the sample.

In the unlikely event of it surviving for three years, it becomes mutton.

Should this unlikely event take place, she did not want to be caught looking less than her usual immaculate self.

Except in the unlikely event that rates soon plummet, it could cost the bank up to £100m this year.

This applies when the words are so wide that on a strict construction they cover improbable and unlikely events .



Large corporations have been quick to see the financial potential in becoming involved with charity events .

Funds raised in the third annual charity event will go toward research and new examination and treatment areas.

I meet him regularly at charity events and we have had many a round of golf together.

People still come to your charity events .

Yorke, 21 today, was returning home from a charity event at 2am, the city's magistrates heard.

David Emanuel left the world of hautecouture to take charge of the charity event at Cheltenham Ladies' College.

The more charity events celebrities do, the greater the euphoria they experience.

And he happily agreed to donate the pumpkin for a charity event in which contestants would guess how many seeds it contained.



The move will double the number of people who can attend this popular event , from 4000 to 8000.

The couple recently attended a campaign event for freshman Rep.

Almost 60,000 people attended last year's event .

Live theater drew 9 percent, nearly double the 5 percent who attended sporting events .

I also won a separate competition arranged by one of the major manufacturers attending the event - another £350.

Buckley said previous commitments blocked him from attending some company events .

About 1,500 young people attended the event .


This is the sort of event which happens once every 50 years on average.

In a phenomenologically complex universe, extremely improbable events are certain to happen .

Much though we might sometimes like it to be otherwise, events unfold as they happen .

We might say that a probable event is one that happens in many or most possible worlds.

Since their interest in the past was primarily moralistic, precise knowledge of actual events and when they happened was not required.

An improbable event is one that happens only in one or a few possible worlds.

They would certainly have thought that such events were unlikely to happen for millennia to come - if at all.

It is a great interactive way to find out what major events happened this century.


Since it is the dinner party hosts holding the event , the whole £100 a head goes to the charity.

Is it going to be baseball-only, or will it be used for holding special events ?

Now they are appealing for anyone to hold fund-raising events to boost the coffers.

By law, the costs of holding a fund-raising event are supposed to be reported as a noncash campaign contribution.

Volunteers will be needed during the week to collect envelopes, stand with collection tins and hold money raising events .

It's the first time we've held the event because we wanted something special for the Centenery.

He further held that in any event the public interest did not require the institution of criminal proceedings.

Admission is just £1 and raffles will be held during the events .


If a neutral event occurs within this time-window then it loses its neutrality.

Another characteristic of the third period is that infants reproduce events that occur that interest them.

Electronic mail messages are sent to the terminals of relevant users, telling them when exceptional events occur .

Consider two events that occurred four days and an ocean apart.

Could the events have occurred just as they are described?

How could two 100-year events occur only 15 years apart?

In the event of death occurring in such a case I would accept that it could be an unnatural death.

Certainly, such events can occur .


The advantage is that you can redeem your vouchers for special deals on holidays, sporting events and theatre trips.

Live theater drew 9 percent, nearly double the 5 percent who attended sporting events .

Television will bring these Olympics to a larger audience than any previous sporting event .

He said he also has five satellite dishes, meaning he can watch five sporting events at the same time.

I have been lucky enough to see some pretty spectacular sporting events up close and personal.

A ban on tobacco industry name-brand sponsorship of sporting events would take effect a year later.

So, we do not let our children watch network television, except for an occasional sporting event .

Special events such as major sporting events or concerts cost up to thirty dollars to watch.


And the Tynesiders could be among the medals for the first time since they won the event in 1987 and 1988.

Lloyd Mangrum, who won the event four times, enjoyed his greatest finish in 1951.

Her team mate Karen Bleakley won the B event .

Last year she won the event at the World Championships. 19.

Paul Wells had eased off by this point and was actually beaten by his brother who won the domestic event .

Polonski, 22, won the event in 1995.

He popped the shoulder back into place and won the event despite obvious pain.

Bob Pereyra admits he had to work extra hard to win the luge road-racing event Saturday at Castaic.


be overtaken by events

be wise after the event

fringe group/event/issue etc

After the uproar created by Nicholas Tolstoy over the Cossack repatriations, the fringe groups had been taken very seriously.

Few attendees doubted that some fringe groups would respond violently.

One girl shared her story of a fringe group, which for ten years had dominated her life.

The remaining 5 percent aligned themselves with fringe groups such as the Natural Law, Green and Libertarian parties.

To transform a scholarly consensus into something that appears the obsession of a disreputable fringe group requires more than accidental bias.


Joe's party was a splendid event - about 200 people were there.

John rarely misses a sporting event in his town.

Meeting Professor Kearney was an event which changed my life.

Nothing we could have done would have changed the course of events.

Our special December issue lists the most important events of the past year.

Police are attempting to reconstruct the sequence of events on the night of the killing.

The book discusses the events leading up to the outbreak of World War Two.

The evening meal is a time when all the family can get together and discuss the day's events.

The Ryder Cup is the big golfing event this month.

The town's beer festival is an annual event .

Tomorrow's match against Portugal is expected to be the big event of the season.

We have a full programme of social events that take place throughout the year.

Wimbledon is one of Britain's great sporting events.


Every Lee movie contains his signature style; all are major movie events.

In the loop of Henle, the events are qualitatively similar to, but quantitatively different from, events during dilution.

It was really delightful to be treated with such consideration after the events of the last week or so.

The events that it scans during its journey are conceived as the experiences of a positive vector.

The anniversary of the accession of George I, 1 August, was marked by an exciting event on the river.

The observational abilities of the ancients were to have practical application beyond those of time-reckoning and attempt to predict future events.

To my amazement, it was just about as easy and even more fun than writing about real events.

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