Meaning of FOUR in English

[determiner], [pronoun], [noun] - (the number) 4one, two, three, four, fiveMost animals have four legs."How many sides does a square have?" "Four (sides)."Three fours are twelve.In rowing, a four is a team of four people or the boat that they use.Our four almost sank when we crashed into the riverbank.In cricket, if you hit a four you get four runs by hitting the ball to the edge of the field.If you are on all fours, your body is supported on your hands and knees.You'll have to get down on all fours to clean behind the toilet.(informal) Four-eyes is an offensive way of addressing someone who wears glasses.Hey four-eyes, can't you see anything without your specs?A four-leaf/four-leaved clover is a clover (= small plant) with a leaf which is divided into four parts rather than the usual three, which is thought to bring good luck to anyone who finds it.A four-letter word is a short swear word that is considered to be extremely rude or offensive.Four-letter words refer to the taboo subjects of sex and excretion.Four-letter words are often edited out of films before they are shown on television.A four-pack is a group of four of the same thing that are sold together.Could you get me a four-pack of beer at the supermarket?They'll probably be cheaper if you buy them in a four-pack.A four-poster (bed) is a large old-fashioned bed with tall posts at each corner which support a frame from which curtains hang.See picture: BedsIf a building is four-square, it is square in shape and solidly built.What I don't like about modern architecture is that it is four-square and lacks imagination.(figurative) With his four-square physique he could be a rugby player.If something is four-square it is established, determined and unlikely to change.Public opinion is four-square behind the government's decision to go to war.A four-star restaurant or hotel is one of a very high standard.(UK) Four-star (petrol) (US high-test (gas), ANZ super (petrol)) is the highest quality leaded fuel that can be used in cars: I'd prefer to use unleaded petrol, but my car can only run on (= use) four-star.If a vehicle has four-wheel drive ( 4WD) its engine supplies power to all four wheels rather than the usual two, so that the vehicle can travel easily over ground that is rougher than an ordinary road.

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