Meaning of FOUR in English

I. ˈfō(ə)r, -ȯ(ə)r, -ōə, -ȯ(ə) adjective

Etymology: Middle English four, foure, from Old English fēower; akin to Old High German fior four, Old Norse fjōrir, Gothic fidwor, Latin quattuor, Greek tettares, tessares, Sanskrit catur

: being one more than three in number

four years

— see number table

II. pronoun, plural in construction

Etymology: Middle English four, foure, from Old English fēower, from fēower, adjective

: four countable persons or things not specified but under consideration and being enumerated

four are here

four were found

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English four, foure, from four, foure, adjective & pron.

1. : twice two : two times two : two twos : the square of two


a. : four units or objects

a total of four

b. : a group or set of four

arranged by fours


a. : the numerable quantity symbolized by the arabic numeral 4

b. : the figure 4

4. : four o'clock — compare bell table, time illustration

5. : the fourth in a set or series: as

a. : a playing card marked to show that it is fourth in a suit

b. : a domino with four spots on one of its halves

c. : a die with four spots on the side uppermost

d. : an article of clothing of the fourth size

wears a four

6. : something having as an essential feature four units or members: as

a. cricket

(1) : a hit that counts four runs

(2) : a hit from which four runs are scored


(1) : a 4-oared racing boat

(2) : the crew of such a boat

(3) fours plural : races for 4-oared boats

c. : four cards of a kind (as in poker) — usually used in plural

d. fours plural : quarto

a book printed in fours

e. : a 4-cylinder engine or automobile

f. : a set of four players or contestants (as a table at bridge)

7. fours plural : the four feet or the hands and feet or knees — see on all fours at all fours

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