Meaning of HALL in English


(BUILDING) [noun] [C] - a building or large room used for events involving a lot of peopleThis afternoon there was a big demonstration against the job losses outside the town/city/county hall (= the building from which these places are controlled).I'm playing in a concert at the village/church hall next weekend.The new complex will include a concert hall and a (UK) sports hall.(UK) Many old cinemas have been turned into bingo halls.A hall (of residence) (US also residence hall/dormitory) is a college building where students live.I want to live in a hall of residence that's close to my department.I lived in hall in the first year but I moved out and shared a house with friends in the second.(US) A hall of fame is a building which contains images of famous people and interesting things that are connected with them.You really know you've made it when they enshrine you in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. hallelujah, alleluia exclamation, [noun] [C] - (an emotional expression of) praise and thanks to GodHallelujah, praise the lord!The Hallelujah Chorus is probably the best-known part of Handel's Messiah.(figurative) The hallelujahs (= expressions of praise and pleasure) which greeted England's victory in the World Cup are just a distant memory. [C](informal humorous) Hallelujah is sometimes said to express surprise and pleasure that something positive that you were certain would not happen has really happened.At last, Richard's found himself a girlfriend - Hallelujah!

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