Meaning of HALL in English


ˈhȯl noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English halle, hal, from Old English heall; akin to Old High German halla hall, Old Norse höll, Latin cella small room, Greek kalia hut, nest, Sanskrit śālā hut, Old English helan to conceal — more at hell


a. : the castle or house of a medieval king or noble

b. : the chief living room in such a structure used for eating, sleeping, and entertaining

c. chiefly dialect : the living room or parlor of a house

2. : the manor house or residence of a landed proprietor — often used in proper names

Locksley Hall

Headlong Hall

3. sometimes capitalized : a large usually imposing building used for public or semipublic purposes ; specifically : town hall — now used chiefly in proper names

Westminster Hall

Faneuil Hall



(1) : a building used by a college or university for teaching or research

halls of learning

— often used in proper names

Goodheart Hall

(2) : dormitory

b. : a college or a division of a college at some universities


(1) : the common dining room of an English college

(2) : a meal served there


a. archaic : a cleared passageway through a crowd — used in the exclamation a hall, a hall


(1) : the entrance room or passageway of a residence or other building : foyer , lobby

the front hall of the house

left his rubbers in the back hall

(2) : a corridor or passage in a building

6. : a large room for assembly usually equipped with seats (as for lectures or concerts) : auditorium

a lecture hall

a concert hall

7. : a place used for public entertainment: as

a. : a building or room used for a particular kind of amusement or play

a pool hall

a gambling hall

b. : a building with an auditorium used for public musical entertainments ; specifically : music hall

8. : a building belonging to or used as the place of assembly, social center, or headquarters of a fraternal society or trade union

his office was the union hall — R.F.Mirvish

— often used in proper names

Hungarian Hall

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