Meaning of HALL in English



Pronunciation: ' ho ̇ l

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English halle, from Old English heall; akin to Old High German halla hall, Latin cella small room, celare to conceal ― more at HELL

Date: before 12th century

1 a : the castle or house of a medieval king or noble b : the chief living room in such a structure

2 : the manor house of a landed proprietor

3 : a large usually imposing building for public or semipublic purposes

4 a (1) : a building used by a college or university for some special purpose (2) : DORMITORY b : a college or a division of a college at some universities c (1) : the common dining room of an English college (2) : a meal served there

5 a : the entrance room of a building : LOBBY b : a corridor or passage in a building

6 : a large room for assembly : AUDITORIUM

7 : a place used for public entertainment

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