Meaning of HALL in English


/ hɔːl; NAmE / noun


(also hall·way ) ( NAmE also entry ) a space or passage inside the entrance or front door of a building :

She ran into the hall and up the stairs.

—see also entrance hall


( NAmE also hall·way ) a passage in a building with rooms down either side

SYN corridor :

I headed for Scott's office down the hall.


a building or large room for public meetings, meals, concerts, etc. :

a concert / banqueting / sports / exhibition, etc. hall

There are three dining halls on campus.

The Royal Albert Hall

( BrE )

A jumble sale will be held in the village hall on Saturday.

—see also city hall , dance hall , guildhall , music hall , town hall


= hall of residence :

She's living in hall(s) .


( BrE ) (often as part of a name) a large country house :

Haddon Hall



Old English hall , heall (originally denoting a roofed space, located centrally, for the communal use of a tribal chief and his people); of Germanic origin and related to German Halle , Dutch hall , also to Norwegian and Swedish hall .

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